Leg bands

SFr. 30.00

  1. Spandex elastic holding band
  2. Resistex Carbon micro rib
  3. Low Active + compression zone
  4. Low Active + compression zone
  5. Medium Active + compression transition zone
  6. Low pressure zone to allow free circulation

Made with Climatherm, which gives body temperature control through a combination of insulation and an ability to wick perspiration to the surface to evaporate and cool

Active + compression zones control non-functional muscle movement, increasing muscle efficiency and reducing lactic acid formation

Resistex Carbon dissipates static electricity and protects against UV and other environmental radiation

The combination of Active Plus & Resistex Carbon accelerates muscular recovery 

All Sport HG garments are made from a three-dimensional weave, are hypoallergenic, and incorporate HG Odour - an antibacterial treatment which reduces body odour from exercise



Polyester: 80% Climatherm
Elastomer: 8% Elastan
Polyamide: 7%
Resistex Carbon: 5%


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