Travelling, ZEM-style June 24 2015, 0 Comments

Summer hails the arrival of another holiday season when we head for the sun, sea or mountains to unwind after a hectic winter and spring. For many of us this involves flights or car trips to our chosen destinations. For this, and indeed any travel that does not require looking formal at the end, ZEMgear shoes are a useful addition to the travel inventory.

If you are like me, and take your shoes off as often as possible, the elasticated, no-lace design means that they can be slipped off easily when sitting down waiting for that flight, and on again in a trice to board. Off when seated in the plane (or car), and on again for a walk to the back of the plane.  Also because they are elasticated, they will stretch to accommodate feet that swell up on a long flight or car journey, and maintain a good, snug fit as the feet shrink back to their normal size when we start to walk.

Normal shoes are bulky and impact the size of the suitcase that you take - it helps to stuff them with smaller items of clothing, but even so they take up a lot of space. Not so with ZEMs. They are compact enough to fit three pairs in the space normally take by a single pair of normal shoes, or you can slot them into the narrow spaces between other items to make best use of available space.

Finally, you can use them at your destination. If you continue with your running programme on holiday, they take up less space than your other running gear, and if you are so lucky as to be going to a beach, they are perfect for walking on sand as they keep your soles off the hot sand, and fit snugly to your feet to prevent the sand from getting inside the shoe.

There are so many reasons to travel ZEM-wise.