Winter Indoors November 06 2013, 0 Comments

... of course, not everybody will want to put on the winter shoes and tough it out in the great outdoors through the rain, snow, hail and darkness in order to keep fit.  Some of us prefer to make sure that the fitness club subscription is still current, and move into the gym to stay trim.

While all of the ZEMgear shoes are suitable for indoors, with non-marking soles and the ability to be put in the washing machine after a good workout, two might be of particular note, the 360 and the O2 Oxygen.

The 360 is the super-lightweight of the range, with each shoe weighing in at about 70-75 grams.  It can be worn with socks if required, as it has a round toe, and will enable you to practice that barefoot running style on the bands.

The O2 Oxygen is specifically designed for indoor and watersports, and is also extremely light.  It has a ninja-toe for balance and gecko-grip soles for additional grip.  The O2 Oxygen, and any other ninja-toe shoes can be worn without socks, or with toe socks if required.  Alternatively use the option adopted by a friend of ours, and simply use ordinary socks pushed between the big and second toes before putting the shoes on.

Both 360 and O2 Oxygen shoes take up no space in your kitbag - excellent all-round alternatives for your barefoot-style gym workout.