Time for Winter Shoes October 24 2013, 0 Comments

Greifensee went well - it's the first time that I have run a marathon in over 25 years, and so I was pleased to finish in a not-too-disgraceful time of 2:21.

It's getting colder, and, while the temperature oscillates, we are getting the occasional day where it dips below 10°C.  So I'm considering the switch to a warmer shoe after the Terras that I have run in through the summer.  Generally, I wear Apexes for temperatures below 10°, as the additional lining and the thermoprene upper help to keep my feet toasty on those bracing runs.  Once it drops below 5°, I switch to the Heros, as that additional bit of protection from the high ankle seems to make a big difference.

I used Heros last winter, right through the ice and the snow, covering about 20k per week.  They are fine as long as you keep moving - if you stand around those thin soles which give you that barefoot feel allow the cold to creep up faster than if you had a big wad of padding under your foot.  They performed fine in wet and slushy weather too - they are not waterproof, and so there is an initial chill as the cold water soaks in, but they soon warm up again.

These are the soles of my Heros from last year, after a steady 20k per week from September to May.  You can see that they are worn on the outside of the ball - I'm happy about this, as it suggests that I am pronating, and this is part of the impact-absorbing process - and a bit on the toes and the heels.  Altogether, they acquitted themselves well, and I could wear them for a while longer if I chose.

Looking forward to the cold-weather running!  If I have any issue with temperature, it's overheating, and this bracing, fresh weather gives tons of energy for following the trail.

Have a great winter!