Chi Running in Zürich July 02 2013, 0 Comments

I went on a Chi Running course in Zürich.

Fiona McClellan runs these courses from GZ Schindlergut, which is central and has the advantage of having space both indoors and in an adjacent park for course participants to practice.  Chi Running lays claim to enable injury-free running, something that resonates with anyone who runs regularly.  Fiona herself has progressed from jogging about 10k with lots of injury problems to being able to run 42k, completely pain free.

With its roots in Tai Chi, whose graceful movements are designed to relax body and mind and promote health, Chi Running aims to make running more relaxed and efficient, using less energy to cover the same distance.  The body is straightened and aligned, and then a slight lean forward is used to pull the body forward, with the legs keeping pace underneath.  The legs pull the road out to the rear, using a shorter stride and a faster cadence, rather than reaching out for it to the front.  Speed is varied by changing the amount of lean.


                                    From this...                                                      To this...

So now, when running, I am periodically checking myself against a short list to see if I am doing it correctly.

You can find details of Fiona's courses on her website at  Also, check out our list of trainers in different parts of Switzerland on the Barefoot Training page.