Impressions from the Züri Marathon April 12 2013, 0 Comments


We had a blast at the Züri Marathon - the race is now run, albeit not by us, but we met some great people!

The Spanish lady with the Swedish boyfriend who ran her race wearing barefoot shoes (sadly not ours, but we hope to change that!).  Priceless was the look on his face when I spoke to him in Swedish. :-)

The lady who worked in the University lab, who tried on a pair of Terras, and left, beaming all over her face, with them on.

The Finnish lady, who was in the middle of reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougal, was so enthralled by the story that she sat in the spectactor seats reading it while the fair went on around her.  She was so impatient to try running in minimalist shoes that she bought on the spot.

The Irish gentleman who revealed in conversation that he just did marathons as a training exercise for Ultramarathons, and so was very relaxed about the race the next day.

The Turkish lady who went for  short run round the hall in a pair of 360's, and had me take a picture of them so that she could post it for the buddies in her running group on Facebook.

The German lady who bought a pair for her husband because it was his birthday.

The lady who made a beeline for the stand when she saw us, because she had been trying to get some ZEMgear shoes in Switzerland for a while, and had so far not succeeded.

And many more...

Our thanks to all of you for your interest, and for turning a long day into a fun one.  We wish you all great happiness with your ZEMgear shoes!