Of bleak and sunny running days... March 18 2014, 0 Comments

Why do we wait until we break?

In the last couple of years I have come across three people, including myself, who are selling or distributing barefoot running shoes, all with almost identical stories.  We all suffered from spinal disc prolapses, resulting in long periods (2 years in my case...) of rehabilitation from pain, cramps and partial paralysis of the leg on the side of the injury.  We all have discovered that by running barefoot style, we were able to get back to a near normal lifestyle again, and continue to indulge in our love of running.

In separate conversations with the other two, we have wondered at people who hear our stories, but maintain that they will continue with their current running shoes until something happens.  Now, I understand the philosophy of not fixing something unless it's broken, but if I ever had a chance to go back and avoid that two year stretch of desolation with the prospect of giving up any sport except swimming, I would take it.  I guess it is this experience that makes us the zealots that we are for the front-foot running style outlined by the barefoot professor, Daniel Lieberman, at Harvard.  I also guess that it often takes a fairly radical event to change the habits of a lifetime.

Nevertheless, I don't get it...

Temperatures have climbed from near zero into the mid-teens centigrade now, and it's time to change from my toasty Apexes and Heros to the spring and summer options of the Terras.  It's still a bit early for swimming in the lakes and rivers, unless you have the constitution of an otter,  the O2 Oxygen shoes for water sports will later come in to play to protect our feet from stony underwater floors. 

In the meantime, it's running in the spring forests, with the trees coming into bud - fantastic!  Have a great spring!