Not just shoes for a snug winter. November 11 2013, 0 Comments

We also distribute sports clothing for HG, a high quality brand from Spain, with a range designed for both summer and winter wear, and when the temperatures started to drop I tried out some of the latter.

The material on which the whole range is based is Climatherm, a close-fitting fabric developed specifically for sports wear.  I started with a long-sleeve top with a crew neck, and at first felt a little strange with its figure-hugging feel.  However, apparently, there is method to this in that it cuts down on unnecessary non-functional muscle movement (read, 'wobble'...) which apparently wastes quite a lot of energy during exercise.  The lining feels warm, but as you heat up and start to sweat, it wicks the sweat away from the body to the surface, where it can evaporate and cool you down - I found that I was at a comfortable temperature throughout a 10k run.

Incorporated in the garments are zones where there is higher additional pressure, which apparently helps to dissipate lactic acid and prevent stiffness - I occasionally still get tight calves after a run, so tried the tights with calf support, and felt good at the end of the run and the following day.

The fact that they fit so snugly means that, when the thermometer really drops, they can be worn as a layer under other warm clothing, and with a couple of recent cold snaps, have performed gratifyingly well here as well.

...and they look VERY cool!